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Drupal.org.il New Design

Drupal.org.il, or Doil as we like to call it is the home for the Hebrew speaking  Drupal CMS community developers and users.

A couple of months ago my design concept for the site was selected by the community to be the site’s new design.

So, last week we had a redesign sprint and Doil now has a fresh new design.

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The site for Icon 2008 is up, based on “Tendu”

Icon is the Annual Israeli Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-Playing Festival.

I was part of the team who created the site, and the site is based on “Tendu”.
More accurate – “Tendu” is the evolution of the basic theme of this site.

Currently the site is only in Hebrew, but the English (and basic pages in Russian, Arabic and Klingon) will be up soon.