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Migrating Your WordPress MU installation to a New Domain

A guest post by Alon Peer

Daniel Doezema offers a script that helps migrating WordPress to a new domain:

I’ve added Multi Site (MU) support to that script, which includes extra DB updates, and is available for download here:

Just follow Daniel’s instructions exactly, with the following additions:

  1. When filling out the form with all the website’s information, also check the Multi Site checkbox at the bottom.
  2. After you run the script you must also update your wp-config.php and update the constant DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE with the new domain.

Notice: My MU version wasn’t tested a lot, so BACKUP ALL YOU DATA before running it. I’d also love to hear your comments and bug reports so I can perfect it.

UPDATE (November 2nd 2010):
A new version was released, which includes better MU detection, bug fixes and better UI. Thanks to Daniel for the help!
Some debugging is still required, hint hint, nudge nudge.

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