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Dropbox support in Drupal’s Backup and Migrate module

A guest post by Alon Pe’er

Just like any good open source project or feature, it started with a personal wish of mine to see it implemented.

The Backup and Migrate contributed Drupal module is one of the most useful ones out there. And while it has great support for various backup destinations, Dropbox wasn’t one of them. Until now.

Following a request by one of my clients, making me wish I could do it in my own projects as well, I sat down and looked at the module’s API as well as the Dropbox API and available libraries.
I bumped into 2 possible solutions:

Although the dropbox-php provides a full solutions using the Dropbox OAuth protocol, it relies on more than one extensions and packages, and even though I have them available, it’s more than likely that fellow Drupalers won’t have them on their server.
So I went with the simple Dropbox Uploader library that only lets me upload files to Dropbox (all I really need, really).

The patch is available on (for Drupal 6 at the moment).

I’d love to get feedback regarding performance, security etc. Also, if you know the dropbox-php project and want to create an integration with it as well, then I’d love to see it in action. New Design, or Doil as we like to call it is the home for the Hebrew speaking  Drupal CMS community developers and users.

A couple of months ago my design concept for the site was selected by the community to be the site’s new design.

So, last week we had a redesign sprint and Doil now has a fresh new design.

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Tendu 2.x, Moving to Drupal

Tendu LogoYes! this site is still alive.

I published the next version in the evolution of Tendu, my omnipotent Drupal theme.

Many cool new features, easier to use and adopt and most importantly has some accessibility enhancements that hopefully will make some of the sites using this theme a bit more friendly to those in need.

Besides that, I’m planning on moving this site to Drupal soon.
Sorry WordPress, but I don’t need your user-friendliness anymore. I need Drupal’s power.

The site for Icon 2008 is up, based on “Tendu”

Icon is the Annual Israeli Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-Playing Festival.

I was part of the team who created the site, and the site is based on “Tendu”.
More accurate – “Tendu” is the evolution of the basic theme of this site.

Currently the site is only in Hebrew, but the English (and basic pages in Russian, Arabic and Klingon) will be up soon.