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Redesigning the blog

Hi there, I haven’t updated this blog in a while and most of the stuff here is REALLY outdated.

So today I’m starting to redesign it, using the Skeleton Theme by
Expect some updates soon.

11/11/12 Update:

OMG, I forgot how much I hate WordPress.
And PHP. 
Ugh.. and I thought I’ll finish this during the weekend… It won’t happen.

Font Progress Update

The Ubuntu Font Hebrew v0.8 Design PrototypeThere was some progress made this week, especially with fine tuning the letters and revising those letters I’m not so sure about.
The one letter I’m struggling with is Aleph (א), I can’t seem to find the right balance.

I got a lot of feedback and many good tips, thank you everybody 🙂
I’m doing my best to take them all into account.

I was trying to add some Hebrew glyphs to a font file, but the free font creation programs I tried (FontForge and the Demo of TypeTool) are not so friendly, it will take some more time to do.

Links to v0.8:
PDF file
Illustrator CS4 File New Design, or Doil as we like to call it is the home for the Hebrew speaking  Drupal CMS community developers and users.

A couple of months ago my design concept for the site was selected by the community to be the site’s new design.

So, last week we had a redesign sprint and Doil now has a fresh new design.

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