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Ubuntu Karmic Tip: Change Gnome Language Indicator to Flag Icons

There is a long time debate in the Gnome and Ubuntu community about the use of national flags as language indicators instead of country codes.

The basic argument is that for many languages there are several nationalities that use them, and that using flags as indicators might hurt the feelings of just annoy people (What do you use for English? American flag? UK flag? Maybe Australian flag? etc.).

Further more, in the past there were incidents with the use of some controversial flags that pissed of other nationalities (I’m sure there is a link for that somewhere, can’t find it), so eventually the use of flags as indicators was abandoned.

But what if you don’t care about all this dispute and just want the freedom to use nice icons instead of plain text? There is a fairly simple solution:

Continue reading New Design, or Doil as we like to call it is the home for the Hebrew speaking  Drupal CMS community developers and users.

A couple of months ago my design concept for the site was selected by the community to be the site’s new design.

So, last week we had a redesign sprint and Doil now has a fresh new design.

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Mac OS X – Hebrerw/English keyboard layout switch with CapsLock

Layout SwitchI bought myself a new MacBook Pro this week (So much fun!) and I wanted to have the same keyboard layout switch I had on my Ubuntu machine – Using CapsLock, which is useless otherwise.

After googeling around I found 2 relevant results –

The first is this post –
By a guy who created a keyboard layout for the mac where shift+<key> prints out an English Capital letter (like everywhere else but OSX, I never understood this choice by Apple)

The second is an application called Ukelele that is a really good keyboard layout editing software for Macs.

I then created a keyboard layout that combines both needs – Continue reading