Backing off from the font design for now

I started the Hebrew for the Ubuntu Font project with a lot of enthusiasm and got great support from the local community, but I lost my drive and I must back off from this project for the time being.

Three reasons –

First, as far as I can tell the design and development is not yet open, and the sharing of knowledge and work process is not clear to me.

Second, Work, Work, Work… I can’t give this project the attention it deserves and don’t have the time to do redundant work (As long as the work process is not well defined, I can’t be sure I don’t).

Third, No offense DM people, but judging from some of the public talks I read it doesn’t feel like the design is going in a direction I want to take part of at this stage. It feels like there is no real understanding of Hebrew typography in the process (Again – No pun intended, just a personal hunch) and also I felt that there was a bit of a disturbance when I announced my little project, someones pride got hurt or something. I felt it between the lines in some of theĀ  correspondence I had.

I don’t want this.

I want to wait till the smoke clears, maybe DM will give us the best font ever, maybe not.
This font will eventually be released under an open license, and if we won’t like it, we will change it. Or create another. Or just accept it.
Whatever the community will go for.

Till then, I’ll try to keep track and have my say in the design team’s blog and the issues on launchpad, but I won’t actively design my own version.

5 thoughts on “Backing off from the font design for now

  1. Oren

    Shame. I liked what you did so far. I hope your work will be used as a solid basis to a great font.
    Thanks for your work, I hope to enjoy it in the not-too-distant future.

      1. shlomil

        While reading your post I expected to find links and references to :

        Where does it say that “the design and development is not yet open”?

        Where are the links to “the public talks” you were reading which made you feel like the design is going in a direction you don’t want to take part in?

        What made you feel that there was “a bit of a disturbance” when you announced your little project? Whos pride got hurt or something?

        … I just want to know the full story because it sounds like someone is holding you back and I want to know who it is.

        1. Tom Bigelajzen

          It’s all in the previous posts. I’m usually the linking type, but didn’t have the time for this when I wrote this post.

          A reference to the design status you can find on launchpad issue #626015 and another one I can’t find right now ( Also on blogs like OMG!Ubuntu.
          The font will be open when released, and there is communication but there was supposed to be at least a road-map for active public development and not just bug reports by now.

          Public talks I refer to are comments here in the blog, posts on and posts in the launchpad issues.

          And about the “disturbance” I don’t want to elaborate because I don’t care enough to get into it, and anyway it’s just a feeling from reading between the lines, nothing concrete.

          Look, maybe I exaggerate, but all these together with my lack of free time just took the fun out. I didn’t pass on this one yet, just decided to sit on the bench for now.

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