Font Progress Update

The Ubuntu Font Hebrew v0.8 Design PrototypeThere was some progress made this week, especially with fine tuning the letters and revising those letters I’m not so sure about.
The one letter I’m struggling with is Aleph (讗), I can’t seem to find the right balance.

I got a lot of feedback and many good tips, thank you everybody 馃檪
I’m doing my best to take them all into account.

I was trying to add some Hebrew glyphs to a font file, but the free font creation programs I tried (FontForge and the Demo of TypeTool) are not so friendly, it will take some more time to do.

Links to v0.8:
PDF file
Illustrator CS4 File

5 thoughts on “Font Progress Update

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    1. Tom Bigelajzen

      Are you sure about the dimensions?
      all the letters correspond to the original font’s dimensions, most of the letters are based on the size of “n” and the wider ones to “c”.

  2. Oren

    Good to see some professional opinions here. I’ll continue with my humble amateur views…
    1. I think the middle Aleph looks best. The first one is also nice.
    For all the other red letters, I prefer the top options.
    Another thing I just noticed is that I’m not that crazy about the Gimel (3). The curve of the bottom-left part is probably too strong, which creates a big white space between the top and the bottom parts of the glyph which doesn’t look good IMHO.
    Overall, though, I think the font looks great!
    Thanks for your efforts with creating a font file for us to test, I hope you succeed real soon 馃檪

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